Tongariro Alpine Crossing is one of New Zealand’s premier day hikes, boasting 19km through eccentric volcanic terrain, electric green lakes, steam vents and springs.

Tongariro Alpine Crossing transport

Many trekkers travel in summer, but winter can also be an amazing time. Since winter conditions can be extremely chilly, it is essential that you bring all of the appropriate equipment and knowledge with you for alpine trekking.

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Turangi return shuttle

Tongariro Alpine Crossing, often considered New Zealand’s finest one-day hike, provides an unforgettable journey across an extraordinary volcanic landscape filled with lava flows, steam vents, emerald-coloured lakes and spectacular views. Experience even more magic by selecting either guided or heli-hiking options – your journey won’t forget it anytime soon!

Shuttle services provide an efficient means of exploring this renowned hike. By providing transport, food and accommodation requirements – you can focus entirely on enjoying your hike!

There are various companies offering the Tongariro Alpine Crossing shuttle route, each at their own price and location. Some shuttle routes operate as one-way trips that start from one end of the track and return back on another trip; others offer local round-trip services starting and finishing in their operator’s car park or local hotels.

One-way shuttles are the preferred method, especially among travelers who would like to begin and complete their adventure on one day. This enables them to set their own schedule while avoiding long wait times when crossing in poor weather conditions.

Before booking with any tour company, be sure to inquire as to their turn-around policies – this may allow you to change plans midway if the weather turns bad, or in case you wish to stop and have lunch during your journey.

Certain operators do not take this into consideration when selling one-way tickets; always double-check before booking to avoid surprises!

Turangi, located just an hour and 15 minutes west of Taupo, provides visitors with plenty of activities that will add zest to their trip through North Island. Enjoy world-renowned trout fishing or take an exciting tour to Huka Falls; or ride along Great Lake Pathyway (Lion’s Walk), boasting stunning views of Mt Tongariro and Mt Ngauruhoe from its suspension bridge ride.

Turangi offers several amazing attractions, such as the Turtle Pools and Tokaanu Thermal Pools. The former is an outdoor children’s pool featuring four heated water bodies; Tokaanu Thermal Pools can be found within Spa Thermal Park with their heated children’s pool located here.

Taupo return shuttle

The Tongariro Alpine Crossing is an iconic one-day hike known for taking you across active volcanoes, mountain lakes and through native forest. Considered one of the top 10 one-day hikes worldwide, it should be on any visitor’s itinerary when touring New Zealand.

Experience Kiwi culture first-hand on this fascinating tour through Tongariro National Park – both as a UNESCO Dual World Heritage Site and home of Maori tribe Ngati Hikairo ki Tongariro who have asked that all peaks and waterways are respected, which means no climbing of them is encouraged nor touching of them allowed.

Taupo Return Shuttle provides an efficient and stress-free means of getting from National Park Village to the start of our track and back again. Book online to select an available departure time slot; shuttles run daily at 5:45 AM, 7:15 AM, 8:30 AM and 9:45 AM.

Our hotel in Taupo was an enjoyable stay. The Hilton Lake Taupo sits within easy walking distance of town center, and boasts breathtaking lakefront views that cannot be beat. Furthermore, guests enjoy all the modern conveniences associated with five-star accommodations like free access to indoor pool and hot tub facilities.

Huka Falls is one of New Zealand’s most spectacular waterfalls and provides a magnificent photo opportunity, with 220,000 litres of water cascading over its cliff face every second – offering visitors an unobstructed view of Taupo township and its scenic surroundings from above.

This area boasts a wealth of geothermal energy that powers the Wairakei Power Station nearby, and which hotels, motels, and lodges use to create hot spa water – the perfect way to unwind after an active day outdoors!

Tongariro offers many shuttle companies, and we recommend selecting one that is reliable, efficient, and friendly. Mountain Shuttles was fantastic in meeting these requirements – their check-in process was straightforward, and our bus left on time as promised.

National Park Village return shuttle

Tongariro Alpine Crossing is an unparalleled one-day hike, drawing over 100,000 visitors annually. You will traverse rugged volcanic terrain featuring lava flows, steam vents, emerald-colored lakes and spectacular vistas on this incredible journey.

Start and end your Tongariro Alpine Crossing trek from various convenient locations like Taupo, Turangi or National Park Village with ease by booking a shuttle service. These convenient services allow hikers to leave their vehicle at either end and then hop aboard a bus for transportation home after hiking the Tongariro Alpine Crossing trek.

Or you could opt for an individualized hike at your own pace, taking breaks as desired and returning via shuttle at a time that suits you best. In this way, you can enjoy more leisurely strolling while taking photographs along the way!

Shuttle departure times from National Park Village vary daily between 5:45 am, 7:15 am, 8:30 am and 9:45 am; these air-conditioned coaches can seat six passengers each trip.

If you plan to hike, it is essential that you consider all available shuttle options before making a decision. The ideal shuttles take at least 30 minutes to check in, arriving promptly.

For the most reliable service, look for shuttles departing from National Park Village. Different companies operate this route and each has different requirements and parking policies; therefore it’s worth double-checking all details before finalizing your booking.

There are also shuttle buses within the park to take you to various points, including the Hermit Road Shuttle Bus (Red Route), which operates between Village Route Transfer Station and Hermits Rest and provides free rides between March 1st and November 30th every day. This shuttle runs between March 1st and November 30th daily.

Shuttle services can be reserved online or at the South Rim Visitor Centre; however, they should not be used as an alternative way of entering a national park. A shuttle ticket does not grant timed entry but provides access to all South Rim attractions.

Whakapapa Village return shuttle

The Tongariro Alpine Crossing is one of New Zealand’s premier walking adventures, taking visitors through an active volcano crater, steam vents, emerald-coloured lakes, and to a cold mountain spring. Additionally, this journey boasts varied terrain suitable for all fitness levels.

Shuttle transportation is the ideal way to arrive at the starting point of any trail. By eliminating parking issues at either end, this way of travel saves both time and money.

To use a shuttle bus service at Ketetahi, you will need to book online prior to arriving in Ketetahi. There are multiple companies providing shuttle services from here directly to the start of the trail; make sure that when booking with one of these providers that their published pick-up times at Ketetahi correspond with when arriving there so as to catch their bus on time!

Selecting the ideal shuttle depends on several factors, including your budget, location and desired time commitment to getting to the start. Our costing tables will assist in selecting the ideal solution.

Rather than paying for taxi rides back and forth to National Park Village, Whakapapa or Ohakune accommodations, why not use their return shuttle service instead? Not only can this save time and money, but you will have more time after your hike to relax in comfort.

Take advantage of shuttle services to reach the trailhead quickly and enjoy stunning scenery before your hike begins! This way, no time will be lost getting from A to B!

Shuttles provide a more relaxing way to travel than carrying your backpack on an unguided hike, plus some shuttles offer experienced guides who will accompany them.

As our shuttles are provided by a licensed bus company, you can trust in their safety when transporting you from your accommodation in the afternoon to the start point of Tongariro Alpine Crossing hike. They offer professional and comprehensive services that pick you up at your accommodation before dropping you off at its start point on the trailhead.


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